Girl on a wall - are you going through a relationship breakdown

Are you going through a divorce or relationship breakdown?

Are you feeling alone? Confused? Scared? Overwhelmed?

I know how it feels. And I know what it takes to move forward and find hope again.

Divorce is not easy. And whether you initiated it or not, it will be a difficult transition.
During this transition, you will find yourself challenged in ways you never imagined.
While you may have friends and family rallying around you,
sometimes unbiased advice from someone who gets it and has been there is invaluable.

I’m Debbie, your divorce coach, helping you get the freedom to move on…

My passion is to help men and women gently heal and rebuild their lives after divorce.

I am an accredited Divorce Coach, EFT practitioner and healer of the heart and I am passionate about helping people gain back their power and finding their worth after divorce.

It took me all my strength in the early days of my separation to keep it together.  I was sad, angry, scared and believed it was going to be a terrible life bringing up my kids alone.  I had so many limiting beliefs about how I would cope on my own, but with the right tools, I changed my outlook and my thought processes.  I am now more confident than I have have ever been.

This can be your story too.

Imagine one day waking up and the stomach-churning and constant thoughts about your old life have faded.  You are living a beautiful life of contentment and fulfilment with your friends and family.  You have moved forward and found peace.

You deserve to heal your heart and live a wonderful life.  Book a clarity call and together we can work together to make sure you get to the place you desire, where you are thriving and living once again.

Book in for a free 30 minute chat to see how coaching can help you

It’s time to take back your power!

I was in agony, suffering in every sense. I had been separated for a year and it still did not feel easier. I learned to put on a brave face, but I was still feeling so much grief.

Debbie is a deeply empathetic and skilled coach. I felt comfortable openly talking about how I was struggling and received support to get me through.  The important gem I received from working with Debbie is that I will not wait for my divorce to be completed in order to start living my life and finding joy, this must happen now.

I am forever grateful for Debbie’s coaching. I know that working with her made a difference in my experience and outlook during such a gut-wrenching time.

Nicole V., Washington, D.C., USA

I found Debbie very calm and easy to talk to, especially knowing she had been through it too.

She offered me practical advice on plans to make for the near future and I found this particularly helpful as it was written down and checked when done.

Sarah, UK

Work with me…

Debbie offers private 1:1 coaching face to face or on skype to lead you effortlessly through your divorce to living your best life ever!

She is trained as one of the UK’s first accredited Divorce and Relationship breakdown coaches and combined with her own experience, will help to empower you to get your life on track.  Quite often it’s difficult for us to see what is really going on and I can help you view your situation from a different angle.  Working together using strategies and techniques designed to empower you which will leave you confident and excited to live a life of your own design.

Divorce Coaching will provide you with practical and emotional support during your relationship break-up to help you to cope better and move forward with your life.

Your new life awaits you and you deserve to be happy!


Contact me to see if my support will work for you.


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