Hello and welcome!

I am an accredited Divorce Coach and EFT practitioner and I am passionate about helping women and men overcome the struggles of going through the breakdown of a marriage or relationship.  I work on a heart centred basis as I believe when we heal our heart everything else will fall into place.  I offer practical and emotional support to help you cope better so you can move forward with your life.

My story…

I decided to become a coach after coming through a difficult separation and divorce which took me 4 years.  The legal side was easier than the emotional difficulties I had to overcome and that’s when I learned to use certain tools to help me through.  My belief was that I wouldn’t be able to raise my two kids alone or financially support myself.  But I got through it, and so can you.  I am now living a wonderful life with my children and dogs and I am free to make my own decisions and live the life I only dreamed of before.

When I was married, I was a wife and mother and had lost my identity and forgotten about the independent woman I once was.  It took the shock and devastation of my divorce to wake me up and realise I had been living someone else’s life.  I rebuilt a life for myself and my children that feels in line with my beliefs and dreams and we continue to grow every day.

How I can help you…

During Divorce Coaching, you will learn to feel confident and empowered enough to take back control of your life.  We will set goals and create a clear path for you to move forward at a pace comfortable for you.  You will learn to connect on a deeper level with your children and those around you.  We will work on the self-sabotage of feeling the victim and you will learn to stop blaming others and yourself for your divorce.  If you are ready to move forward in taking back your life, yet still feeling stuck and not sure what steps to take, then divorce coaching can help you.

So, if you’re ready to take control back, contact me for a chat and I will be there each step of the way. I care about you and those directly affected by your divorce and as a single parent myself I understand the fears that come with it.

Support and solutions to help you and your family become stronger