Discover Your Inner Magic

30 Day guided journey to discover your inner magic

Is this you?


Struggling with your identity?

Wonder what is next for you?

New to the Law of Attraction and want to know more

Dealt with a relationship breakdown and can’t move forward?

You know there’s more to your life than you can see right now.

You want to live a more abundant life but don’t know where to start.

You have gone through a life transition and feeling a bit lost

You’re ready to let go of feeling like a victim

You want to forgive others and yourself to feel real freedom but need help with this

You need to detox relationships that are dragging you down

Rediscover your power…

This course will help you…


Begin to see life differently and open your eyes to all the possibilities available

Trust that the universe has your back

Identify changes you need to make for a happier life

Inspire you to live a magical life on your terms

Help you rediscover your dreams

Live with so much gratitude the universe has no other choice but to reward you

You are ready to up-level your life and build better relationships with others, but most of all yourself.

Discover the many ways the universe conspires to support you

What's included?

In the 30 day group program, you will:

Week 1
  • The importance of a daily spiritual practice
  • The power of gratitude
  • Trusting the power of the universe and understanding how it works
  • Learning to ask for universal guidance

Week 2

How to make the LOA work for you through:

  • journaling
  • vision boarding
  • visualisation
  • meditation

Week 3

Journaling to re-write your story to living a magical life.

Week 4
  • Recap of the last few weeks
  • Writing a powerful new story for your ideal life

Hi, I’m Debbie…


Just a few years ago I was lost and broken and didn’t want to face a future without my ex-husband or our family being split.  I honestly thought my life was over and that I would be the worst single parent ever.  Turned out my vision of my future was way off and when I started to really trust the universe and all of its magic and power, things really changed for me.  I stopped being the victim of my story.  I completely changed my relationship with my ex and embraced the fact that we were still parents just living apart.   My relationship with my children deepened and some old relationships left my life and new more meaningful people came in.

I never feel alone anymore.  I no longer feel broken.  The universe kept nudging me until I eventually listened.

I discovered how to listen to my intuition and tapped into all the ways the universe was talking to me.

I have learned to listen to the small inner voice and not the loud ego voice.

I cannot wait to share this with you!

You can live your best life and create relationships that are deeper and more meaningful