How will coaching help you?

Divorce is said to be the second most traumatic life experience after the death of a loved one.  It will upset every aspect of your life if you allow it to and how you deal with traumatic events from the beginning will determine the outcome and your future.

With Divorce Coaching you will learn to:

  • Feel confident and empowered enough to take control of your life.
  • Set goals and create a clear path for you to move forward at a pace comfortable for you.
  • Connect on a deeper level with your children and those around you.
  • Work on the self-sabotage of feeling the victim and you will learn to stop blaming others and yourself for your divorce.

Divorce Coaching is for you if are:

  • Emotional support to counter the feelings of paralysis, abandoned or alone.
  • Newly separated and still in shock and experiencing grief, unsure of what to do next.
  • Are overwhelmed and unable to organize all the things to do to move forward.
  • Needing support as you work with solicitor and articulating what you want out of this divorce
  • If you are ready to move forward in taking back your life, yet still feeling stuck and not sure what steps to take

Work with Debbie

I provide support and guidance to women going through stages of separation and divorce in order to create the best experience and outcome required to transition to their new life.

As your coach, I will have your best interest at heart, working to achieve the best outcome for you and those immediately affected.

Debbie Rose Coaching Services

£400 per month

  • Initial agreement of 3 months for support and guidance needed.
  • First session is 75 min – story and where you feel you are right now – make sure there is no going back and the marriage is not repairable.
  • Ongoing sessions are 60 min.
  • Organization, action plan and stress management tools.
  • Unlimited text/email support between sessions.
  • EFT (tapping) to reduce emotional overwhelm, limiting beliefs and clear/release negative emotions.

In our initial 75 min session:

  • Our main goal is for you to feel immediate relief of what good healthy support feels like. There is no feeling of obligation on your end to return the time.
  • Tell your marriage/partnership story.
  • Have a safe place for you to share your acute emotional and material concerns, such as loneliness, depression, deadlines, filings, etc.
  • Identify your immediate areas of focus to help “stabilize” (the point to make is for them to be well-resourced to get the most out of working with you and then take action in their life)
  • Learn tools for stress-relief
  • Create with you an action plan to help you move forward

In the following 60 min sessions we will continue to:

  • Identify patterns and areas you are struggling with
  • Help you to cope with negative emotions
  • Create solutions to deal with practical challenges
  • Create stepping stones to help you move forward
  • Provide momentum to make long-lasting changes
  • Show you how to become self-reliant
  • Enable you to gain back control and get back in the driving seat of your life
  • Help you to reduce conflict with your ex
  • Help you to co-parent even with a difficult ex
  • Show you it’s not what happens in life it’s how you deal with it

Single session £100, 90 min session

  • Single session for those needing immediate support or help with a specific issue in their divorce process.
  • Session time would be managed differently to listen and assess what are acute priorities.
  • Based on information you provide we will create an action plan and you will receive stress management tools.

It is not my recommendation that you work with me just once as we will be limited as to how much we can cover, but you will receive practical and useful guidance.

Separation can be a long process depending on how traumatic it has been for you.

About Debbie Rose

Divorce is one of the major types of life events that can swallow you whole or be the catalyst for change.

Intimately knowing the pain of separation and divorce with young children that transpired over four years, ultimately it was the catalyst that helped Debbie reconnect with the strength, independence and guidance she lived by as a child and young woman before her relationship and eventual marriage.

During her painful divorce, confronting her fears about survival, and as the parent with primary physical custody – by necessity Debbie returned to the ideals that always mattered to her – developing a deep spiritual practice with frequent meditation and immersion in nature. She learned Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) that helped manage stress and increase her peace.  With time this practice forged her path to healing.

Despite the divorce, it was her realization that she, her children and ex-husband (and his parents) will always be family and be treated as such. This intention and growth redirected her life and possibilities for work. This was the inspiration to forge a new career as a Divorce Coach.

Now, Debbie is the support, the help, the guide, and advocate she needed when she was going through her separation and divorce. Debbie wants women that are struggling and are headed toward the end of a relationship or divorce to know that there is another way – to divorce with dignity, preserving the best parts of yourself and letting go pieces that are no longer you.

Debbie is a Certified Divorce Coach and EFT Practitioner living in Scotland with her children and dogs. She celebrates holidays and family milestones with her children, ex-husband and his parents.