If there’s one thing I am leaving behind in 2017, it’s my old life.  No more looking back, no more wasted time dwelling on what could have been.  I spent years trying to keep my family together and hoping everything would work out, however, the universe had another plan for me and made sure I never went back.

Even though at times I knew I was better off on this new path as a single parent, it was hard as hell to get my heart to let go of everything I had come to know.  Familiarity was keeping me stuck in the past.  I wanted to stay in the safe zone with my ex where the finances were taken care of and even while I knew I was a better parent on my own, I still had the belief it would take two of us. Sometimes it’s easy to think nothing is going your way.  Your partner leaves you.  You bump the car.  You lose your phone. You start to overthink it and before you know it you’re in victim mode thinking why does everything go wrong for me. But…… What if the universe is blocking certain paths to make you see there’s a better road ahead of you?  A different life that is meant for you.

What if the universe is protecting you and guiding you through these tough times so you can find the path meant just for you?

Looking back, I now see that my divorce lead me to face my own demons.  Demons that had been there since childhood and had left me with abandonment issues, keeping me stuck in a co-dependent marriage that was slowly killing me. I’m truly grateful for the journey I am on and can fulfill my dreams of living a life with purpose, on purpose. So next time your brain is in overdrive, thinking everything is going wrong, try to see the lesson you are being shown.  Ask the universe to show you what you need to know! You might be surprised by the results! Make this the year you take control and start planning to get your life on track.


Be brave and live your life on your terms!


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