The first year of your divorce may leave you facing many painful celebration days such as Christmas, anniversaries and birthdays on your own and hurting.  And even if you never really bothered with valentine’s day when you were married it might leave you feeling upset and angry at your situation.  You can’t get away from it either as from about two weeks before and you’ll find shops filled with banners, flowers and displays of cards which acts as a painful reminder of our situation.

Whether you are single, married or getting divorced around valentine’s day, it can be a painful experience.  

For some married couples, it’s a chance to celebrate being together and in love while for others it’s a painful reminder of how unhappy they are. But if you’re single and your ex is celebrating with another person, then this day can really hurt!

So how do you get through this emotional time?  You could stay indoors till it passes or you could make own your celebration to mark your freedom or new status.

Take your focus off the day by doing something different; helping neighbours in need or take a friend’s kids for the day.  Nothing like someone else’s kids to redirect that energy and focus.  Or book a spa either alone or with a friend if possible.  

Chilling out for the day with a friend and a pamper session can work wonders for the soul.

Whatever you do try not to look back and think about what you could have done differently or how sad you are about the loss.  I believe everything happens for a reason and there is a better life ahead for you.

I suggest you make it a day of self-care and if you’re not heading out to a spa then create one at home.  Run a bath, light candles and listen to some music that makes you happy.  Then get your journal out and write a list of all that is great in your life; keeping a gratitude journal has been proven to uplift us.  After your gratitude list, start free writing about how you would like your life to look in the future.  Your ideal home, partner, job and places you’d like to travel to.  Really let go and dream big on this one.  It’s an incredible exercise to lift the spirits.  And if you want to take it one step further I love vision boards.  Vision boards are just that; boards which we attach our visions onto using pictures, photos and words of how we would like our dream life to look.   For a more in depth explanation check this article which explains how to create one.


Trust the Universe has a plan for you!


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