In the early days of my separation, I seriously struggled with all aspects of my life, from kids to sleeping and everything in between.  It took all of my energy to get through each day and keep my head above the waterline.

I honestly believed my life was over and to a certain extent it was, but only the life I had been living.  

My life was going to change a lot and I had to deal with it in order to move forward and live a good life, so I had to let go of the old expectations and accept change was on the horizon.

The emotional roller coaster you end up on feels like it may never stop and from the minute you wake to the minute you fall asleep each night, your brain is in constant overdrive about the situation you are facing.  

I went to many different therapists on my journey and I found some that worked and some that didn’t.  I saw a counsellor every week for over a year and while I looked forward to my sessions, I stayed in the same place, telling the same story.  Poor me, why me, I was such a victim!

Back then there weren’t many coaches specialising in divorce, especially in the UK and what I really needed was someone to help me focus on what needed to be done, help me to set clear goals and to keep me moving.  I also needed someone who knew exactly how I was feeling, someone who had been through it. You see life as I knew it had ended abruptly, my family had been torn apart at the seams and I was scared. Overnight, I had gone from a wife and mother living a good life with a man I truly loved, to a single parent, and I was feeling very alone and completely heartbroken.  

Yes I had amazing friends who were always there for me and I am grateful for that but I needed someone who was not emotionally involved, non-judgemental and had experienced the pain I was feeling.

What started out feeling like a nightmare ended up being a journey of discovery and the best thing that could have happened.  You see as much as I had loved my husband and my family unit, I always felt something was missing and it wasn’t until I went through the pain of divorce that I really found my calling.  My mission is to help as many women through the trauma and pain of a break-up as I possibly can.

I want women to become empowered and to find that strong woman they once were before they became a wife and mother and to go on to be the best parent they can be and live a truly wonderful life.

Are you ready to let go of that old life and begin again?  Are you ready to take control of your own destiny?

I want to help you and I am living proof it’s possible to have a fantastic life.  If you think you’re ready for a divorce coach, then contact me and we can get a plan in place to get you there.


It might not be easy, but it will be worth it!


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