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Private coaching to help you navigate your way through divorce to living your best life ever!

I know what it’s like to go through a break-up!  When I went through my own it hit me harder than I could have ever imagined.  I honestly didn’t think I would ever recover, let alone bring up my children alone.

However, I believe whatever setbacks are thrown at us we can not only survive it but go on and thrive.  Divorce is your time to redesign your life.  It’s your opportunity to live the life you want on your terms.  To help you through it I use techniques and strategies which will help you to cope better and enable you to move forward and live an amazing life.  As one of the UK’s first accredited Divorce and Relationship break-up coaches, together we can work on rebuilding a better life for you and your family.

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Your new chapter is ready to begin and it’s time to take back your power and live your best life ever.

Work with me…

Are you feeling scared, lonely and broken?

Do you think you may never recover?

Are you struggling to get over your ex?

Are you terrified of being a single parent?

Are you worried about how your children will be affected?

Are you dealing with an awkward ex?

Are you self-sabotaging to numb the pain?


I offer private 1:1 coaching either face to face or over skype using techniques and strategies to help you get through your break-up and deal with overwhelming emotions.  Together we will work on gently healing your heart and gaining clarity of where your life is heading.
I am an accredited Divorce and Relationship Break-up Coach, EFT practitioner and I am passionate about helping you gain back your power and find your self-worth after divorce.
I take an intuitive approach with each of my clients to meet their personal needs. We work at a pace comfortable to you, whilst keeping you moving forward each step of the way.


Are you ready to heal from the inside out?

So that you can connect with yourself again. Lots of women and men feel like they lost part of themselves being in a marriage. Get back your confidence and control and find that person you were before you were married.


Do you want to have a better relationship with your kids?

So that you can live a happy, harmonious life without the guilt of being a single parent. During a marriage, many people feel like they had to give time and energy to their spouse and didn’t have enough to give their kids. You can connect on a deeper level with your kids again.


Do you need help and support to guide you in finding your true purpose and living a life in alignment with your beliefs?

So that you can connect with your higher power and live life with meaning, fulfilment and happiness.  Go on to discover your true desires and create a life of balance and contentment.


Are you ready to release those negative thought patterns and old beliefs that are stopping you from moving forward?

So that you can discard the beliefs which are holding you back.  Whether it is that you won’t be a capable single parent or that you will be alone forever.  Perhaps they are your beliefs or beliefs that you have been told.


What to expect…

Private 1:1 sessions face to face or on a video call

Simple tools and exercises that will be highly transformative in your everyday life

Learn the technique of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) so you can reduce stress and anxiety in a pure and holistic way

Learn how to use meditation for spiritual support, self-connection and to reduce anxiety and brain chatter

Private Facebook group to connect with others for support and to share experiences in a safe space

It took me all my strength in the early days of my separation to keep it together.  I was sad, angry and scared and believed it was going to be a terrible life bringing up my kids alone.  I knew I had to make big changes if I was going to be the best parent I could and live the best life for myself.  Fast forward to today and my life couldn’t be more different.  I am a much better parent now and have a deeper and closer relationship with my kids than ever before.  And I am more confident than I have been in years.

This can be your story too. 

Imagine one day waking up and the stomach-churning and constant thoughts about your old life have faded.  You are living a beautiful life of contentment and fulfilment with your friends and family.  You have moved forward and found peace.

You deserve to heal your heart and live a wonderful life.  

Get the support you need and learn tools and strategies to help you move on from divorce.

I had the privilege of being invited to attend Debbie’s Divorce Group. Whilst attending these sessions I found Debbie to be extremely supportive, understanding and had a great empathy with all those going through their individual journey’s.

She gave me a different perspective to many of my issues I was facing and helped me discover excellent coping techniques.

I can’t recommend Debbie highly enough.

Sandra Cockburn

…I found Debbie to be very welcoming, reassuring, a great listener and someone who I could ‘open up’ to and trust.

She instilled a growing confidence in the ladies who attended the support group in that they would get through the awful times.

Debbie is a really caring person, has a genuine interest in people, in offering helpful suggestions and alternative therapies.


Book in for a free 30 minute chat to see how coaching can help you